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Ozark Delight Lollipops

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Set Descending Direction
One Saturday afternoon I was sitting on my couch eating some popcorn and watching some college football when my doorbell rang. I was so comfortable, the last thing I wanted to do was to get up and answer the door. I reluctantly got up and peak out outside and I see it was my neighbor’s kid Don, my blood pressure immediately began to rise because the last time he knocked on my door it was because he sent a baseball through my car’s passenger window.

I opened the door and there Don was selling me a bunch of lollipops, Ozark Delight Lollipops to be exact. He said it was for a school fundraiser, something about band uniforms, or basketball uniforms or books or whatever. I wanted to get back to my game so I said “give me two of whatever you’re selling” just to get rid of the kid. I don’t even remember how much I spent.

Those Ozark Delights Lollipops sat on my hallway table for about a week, I totally forgot all about them. Then one day on my way out to walk the dog I grabbed one…and it was GREAT!!! I had no idea, I kicked myself for letting them sit there for so long. On my way home I knocked on Don’s door, I only had eaten one but I knew I needed more Ozark Delight Pops!

Nobody was home at Don’s house so I returned home and grabbed myself another Ozark Lollipop. Every 5 minutes I would get up and look down the street to see if Don was home. I looked up his parent’s number online and called their house and left 3 messages. Hours passed and I ate more than half of the Ozark Lollipops I originally bought, I needed more STAT!

I took my dog for another walk around Don’s house, and then another…and then another. It was 2am when the police arrived, someone had called them claiming I was exhibiting strange behavior! They asked what I was doing and I stated that I was waiting for Don to come home so I could buy more Ozark Delight Lollipops from him. The story sounded strange, kind of stalker-ish, and I could see the situation deteriorating as the officers called for backup. I don’t think they believed my story.

Facing a trip downtown, I relented and gave the officers my last two Ozark Delight Pops to prove to them they were that good. After each officer tasted the deliciousness of the lollipops they believed my story! The good news was no jail time for me; the bad news was I was completely out of Ozark Delight Pops. Not only did I need more Ozark Pops, but so did the officers. All three of us decided to sit outside Don’s house to wait for him to return home so that we could get more Ozark Delight Lollipops.

Ozark Delight Lollipops