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Tips for shipping chocolate candy


Let's face it, if you are planning a candy buffet or party it's going to be hard to avoid chocolate. Scrumptious Hershey's Kisses, M&M's, Chocolate Stars, Chocolate Bars, Sixlets, etc. are just too tasty to pass up.


If your event is during the summer we strongly recommend you purchase your chocolate candy as far in advance as possible, doing so may eliminate the need for you have to pay for expedited shipping. Otherwise during the summer months we always recommend express shipping, we provide free ice packs for customers who select that option.


Another suggestion is to be sure to ship your candy to a location where it can received in person. You don't want your candy sitting outside all day exposed to the elements, especially during the summer. 


We do our best to package your chocolate carefully. During the summer months (April-August) we wrap all chocolate candy in a heat resistant foil for some extra protection. At times, we also double box the chocolate candy too to give it another extra layer of protection. 


Most importantly we strongly recommend you read our Shipping Section. There you'll find all our recommendations for warm weather shipping and details on what precautions can be taken to prevent your candy from melting. 



why is chocolate candy so expensive?


Unfortunately it's just the ingredients that makes chocolate candy so expensive. We realize that M&M's, Chocolate Stars, Ghiradelli Chocolate Squares, Lindt Truffles and so on and can quite expensive relative to other types of candy and the expense can take a big bite out of a candy buffet or candy favor budget. We do our best to keep our prices low but unfortunately we no control over the high cost of chocolate.


Just remember that the taste is well worth the price. 



what about free shipping?


For our lovely chocolate-loving customers we do offer flat rate $9.99 ground shipping for orders over $75, but unfortunately we cannot offer free shipping and still offer competitive prices. Candy can be quite bulky and heavy, and thus the shipping charges can be expensive.


Most party and candy buffet planners are able to quickly meet the $75 minimum for discounted shipping and get the benefit of both low shipping costs and affordable candy. Also note that during the summer months we strongly recommend express shipping for chocolate candy to prevent any melting.  

Chocolate Candy