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So you want candy right now?
We Temptation Candy and we came to get down
Yes, we're internationally known
Don't like candy? Well, you on your own
We a bit crazy, I mean outrageous
Candy so good, you think it's contagious
Temptation is winners, competition is losers
Why? Because the people all choose us
Men they love us, women adore us
Got more candy than trees in the forest
You love our candy yes this is true
The reason why? It loves you too!

You love candy because it tastes so right!
Temptation Candy is out of sight!

We Temptation Candy and we got a real funky concept
Listen up, cuz you need to stay in step
We have some candy here
That we had to share
Competition mad? So what, we don't care!
We number one, uno, there's no comp
Bring all the haters because all them we'll stomp
We the best, our candy be so fresh
We love our followers so we show respect
We got flavors, so many to savor
If taste buds could vote, we'd be the mayor
Cause we Temptation, last name Candy
Roll with us, but keep your toothbrush handy
To brush, you can never brush too hard
From the mean cavities you always need a bodyguard
We confess, it's hard to be the best
Better than the rest, yes, they just lameness

You love candy because it tastes so right!
Temptation Candy is out of sight!

We won't stop, no we can't stop, until we are your favorite candy store. When it comes to candy, we want to be everything you ever desired and more. When the words ' Temptation Candy ' are whispered in your ear, we want it to make your palms sweat, your heart speed and your mouth water from pure excitement. Consider us your candy soul mate.

Now, we know you have visited other candy stores before, we are not naive enough to think we are your first. But we are confident enough to think we could be your last. We should be together, we belong together. Our candy would make you so happy. We know there can be some feelings of guilt when you consider leaving your current candy store for us; we know ending certain relationships can be emotional. But the past is the past, this is right now! Live in the present! Live Life! We know you love candy! Don't fight your desire for something better... give in to Temptation!

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